Filter Resident communications
Butler acts as a first layer, reducing the workload of property managers.
Digitalization of all the processes
Leave behind forms, manual logbooks. Save time and increase productivity. Access all the information with a click of a button.
Keep Residents updated
Live updates on building issues and events will keep your residents happy and thinking the management team is hard at work.
Partners already experiencing the future of Property Management
Intuitive and aseptically beautiful presentation of data, empowering non-technical users to tell stories with data without having to learn code.
Indicates whether residents has picked up package with a 6-digit verification code required for security purpose.
Communicate effectively with resident regarding critical building related matters and remind them at your fingertips. Message could be scheduled in advance to be sent
Visitor Management
Simple quick scan of QR code to check visitor’s information and can anticipate ETA to plan your work day efficiently.
Leasing & Management Fee Invoicing
Simple button to send invoice, reminders and receipts to residents. At the same time, visually easy to view who has yet to pay and history.
Facility and Events Booking
Upload new events for residents to participate in and update facility schedules and booking easily.
Car Park Booking
Check specific car park lots and help residents book easily
Owners Committee Management
Surveys, voting and documentations all in one channel for owner committee members to use
Accounting and Finance
Records and statements for landlords and property managers usage
Vendors Management
Control of vendors engagement with residents
Vendors Management
We provide a wide range of personalized services catered to bring happiness to your home

We work directly with real estate related firms. From property developers, property funds, property agents, landlords to property management companies! Reach out to see how we can value add.

No problem, pick the features your want off our shelf, we provide maximum flexibility as we understand each property is different!

Works! We currently work with service apartments, commercial offices as well, not only residential!

Certainly, our tech has the full range features if you do not already have a building management system or its too old. But we could also integrate with your existing system.

BMS is differentiates itself by focusing on residential needs. Using BMS elevates the resident living experience – a residential experience platform! Combining tech and services hence there are no clash with your existing apps or systems.