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Butler takes the stress out of home management, creating a luxury experience within your own home, each and every day

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We take the hassle out of running a home.
Butler offers a range of services to suit every home.



The most premium home-care service available

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Closet Management

Choosing your outfit will be as easy as ever

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Meal Preparation

Nutritious and delicious meal ready for you

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Your groceries in your home, at the right place, before you know it

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We take care of all your home needs

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What am I paying for?

A: Butler services (please refer to our service page for details of our coverage). This modern day butler experience is powered by a combination of three pillars. Firstly, our actual in-house trained butler staff that will run your home errands. Secondly, an in-house concierge team to coordinate your home needs and requests. Thirdly, a proprietary technology to deliver the best client experience.

Q: Who are the butlers?

A: Our butler staffs are a team of Hong Kong team dedicated home management experts. They certified homemakers who have at least 3 years of homemaking experiences and are ready to serve you. They are also in-house hired, trained, insured and bind with a non-disclosure agreement so rest assured your home is in good hands with us.


Q: How does it work and where do I make bookings?

A: Butler primarily runs on a subscription model. You have the option to pay by the hour or subscribe to our monthly plans. By subscribing to our monthly plans, you will be entitled to a certain amount (subject to which plan you joined) of butler service hours (‘butler hours”) for booking. The usage of butler hours are flexible and could be used in any way within the month (such as make repeated weekly bookings or book as you need).

You can easily manage your bookings through our app "Butler Asia" where you can see our availability and sessions feedback. Refer to our Butler App page for a full explanation of using the app.

Q: Is your service available anywhere in Hong Kong?

A: We currently only cover Hong Kong Island and parts of Kowloon. We are working hard to bring our services to the rest of the city!


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