Can you help arrange the next available housekeeper?
Please remind me 1 day before the arranged lift maintenance
Could you help arrange a COVID-19 disinfection session?
Could you arrange a 1-on-1 domestic helper training?
Christmas is coming, could you arrange a Xmas tree for me?
Please help register my friend as a building visitor next week
Need help booking the loading/unloading bay for my new furniture
What’s the latest shuttle bus schedule?
Could you arrange pest control and air con cleaning for me next week?
Thanks for reminder on the management fee, here is the payment screenshot
Thank you for the reminder of tomorrow’s expected typhoon
Please help liaise with landlord on the aircon fixing for me
I just moved in and need a deep cleaning session
Can you arrange a repair man at their earliest available slot?
Could you help arrange furniture cleaning?
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The all-in-one digital home concierge is so convenient! I hate making call as I am always busy, a simple WhatsApp to make arrangements (where I can reply whenever I have time instead of waiting for someone to pick up the phone) and track the process is so convenient.
Noelle Knox

Full time housewife

The concierge team was so helpful, I only just realized how segmented the housekeeping/handman/pest control/repairman/furniture cleaning etc. industry is.
Butler saved me so much time from Googling, reading reviews and even speaking to the vendors! All was communicated clearly, and I didn’t even have to worry about payments or follow ups with the vendor, this was all done for me. Just fantastic.
Brian Wang

Portfolio Manager of a Venture Capital

I live in a building that is “powered by Butler” and other than using Butler’s home services, the Butler Concierge 2.0 also helped with me all my building related requests. Now I don’t need to find my building app (which is always hidden somewhere within my hundreds of apps) or go downstairs to the reception (to find out they are not there) to register for my friends in advance when they come visit me. Butler does that all for me over a chat.
Shirley Cao

Marketing Associate of tech start-up

My domestic helper was new to Hong Kong, and I didn’t have time to train her. I delegated this to Butler and with their structured domestic helper training program, she could now cook more Chinese dishes, a system to organize my closet and more…! I would highly recommend any one who has a helper to try Butler’s training program.
Sampson Sun

Executive Director of a Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

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