Your groceries in your home, at the right place, before you know it

Ring a Bell

Simply give us your list: whether it be watermelon, toilet rolls or enough beer to feed your house party, it will be delivered to you by the time you play the next episode on Netflix.



Premium Refill

As part of our Butler Housekeeping service, we will regularly refill your daily supplies as you request them.

With the support of our unique backend system, we will ensure your household items like water, tissue boxes and groceries are always well supplied

Complimentary with Signature Butler service (Minimum deposit of $ 500 to your Butler account)


$250/per trip - Ring a’ Bell

Groceries delivery. Exclusive of the actual item costs. Item costs will be settled by cash with your Butler during the visit.

*Delivery times varies and maybe limited depending on geographical locations


Love the combination of groceries and food preparation, got my much needed fruits and home made soup that I’ve been craving for a while!
— Ms. Hung, Senior Sales at a Bulge Bracket Investment Bank