The most premium home-care service available

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Our customized approach begins from the choice of cleaning products (all of which are bio-free & pet friendly) to the delivery of the service by seasoned cleaning gurus. Through our 1) initial consultation 2) continuous feedback 3) back end system, our Butlers will prepare a plan to clean, tidy and reorganize your home during each visit.

Why are we different?

“Butler Housingkeeping” is the modern advanced approach for home cleaning and organization. The principle of the approach reaches beyond pure surface cleaning by utilizing various methods of customizations. More importantly, we have a strong focus on organisation, striving to create additionalspace for your home.


Minimum 2 Hours          

Recommended Service Hours

Home Size: 300 - 500 sq. foot

Returning Customer: 2 hours

First timer: 3 hours

Home Size: 500 - 800 sq. foot

Returning Customer: 3 hours

First timer: 4 hours

Home Size: 800+ sq. foot

Returning Customer: 4 hours

First timer: 4-5 hours


It’s like a premium hotel service at my home, I leave home messy but return with a home that’s cleaned and tided up, they even organized my living room drawers which makes finding things very easy.
— Mr. Meng, VP of a Bulge Bracket Investment Bank