Access! Help at your fingers tips! No more waiting in line physically, in line on a call or navigate lousy complicated mobile apps, you’ve paid to join the future of living experience and access a dedicated WhatsApp chat just for you.

This digital home concierge helps recommend, assist, liaise, arrange, deliver and follow up all your home-related queries for you.

This will be life-changing.

Click account registration, fill in basic info, choose whether you would like to join the Butler or Butler+ plan – done!

Our system will recognise your account and reach out to you via your dedicated WhatsApp number in which you can use going forward.

If you are joining our Butler+, you pay directly via the website and check out when you register an account!

Once you registered, any services, credits or products you purchase via Butler will be charged via a simple online payment link. Few clicks to check out using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express and even Apply Pay.

All payments must be settled before the actual service time. Services arranged will not be guaranteed until payment is received.

The butler concierge team helps arrange vetted, in-home service specialists to execute your requests.

Specialists are insured and bounded by a non- disclosure agreement.

In the highly unlikely event of this happening, the policy is:
Maximum reimbursement value is set at HK$300 in the form of credit or a similar item.

We have insurance for cases involving items valued above HKD $20,000, but insurance would require “supportings” that the item was damaged by the Butler team as well as official receipts of the item.

The final reimbursement amount will be subject to the insurance company’s decision.

We will do our best to arrange a follow-up service session to ensure our client’s concerns are addressed on a case by case basis.

Butler is available most districts in Hong Kong. Please note that our team is based in various districts, meaning availability will vary subject your district.

With the consent of clients, certain districts will incur additional transportation cost.

We will always do our best to assist with your request promptly.

Our housekeepers are a team of dedicated local specialists with internationally recognized training. They are certified with at least 3 years of homemaking experience. They are also in-house trained, insured, and bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

Your housekeeper can help perform any housekeeping chores, such as dishwashing, laundry, changing your bed sheets, mopping the floor, etc. However, the housekeeper is restricted to help with any task that is consider as risky to their wellbeing, such as climbing to reach high points or moving unreasonably heavy objects.


Your housekeeper may have essential cleaning tools, but we always recommend the housekeeper use client’s material/tools due to hygiene concerns.

If you are in need of any materials/tools, we are happy to help you purchase them or assemble a housekeeping package for you before the session.

Yes, Butler+ members can request anything home and lifestyle related, and our home concierge team will do our best to recommend, arrange, organize, assist and follow up.

If you own any pets, please let us know, we can do it on a case by case basis.

For most of our services, you are not required to be home. If no one is during the service session, please provide a way for the service team to enter and exit your house for the session.

The minimum session hours is 3-hours.

However, for homes/apartments under 300 sq ft, we can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Butler+ members have unlimited access to our personalized home ambassador team. And access to discounted Butler Credits.

For home-related queries, we help propose solutions and arrange bookings, logistics, and follow-ups.

As Butler+ user, you can access all our services at discounted rates. For example, a member’s housekeeping rate is $185/hr vs. non-member’s rate at $250/hr

Non Butler+ members will have to pay an arrangement fee of $200 per service.

You may terminate your Butler+ membership any time with one month notice period.  Once terminated, any outstanding Butler Credits would be forfeited, along with the Butler+ concierge access and its exclusive services.

In case you temporarily leave Hong Kong, we have a “pause” policy of up to 2 months where we will continue to charge the monthly fee, but upon your return, our system will refund the full membership fee for the duration you are away.

Simply let us know on the WhatsApp concierge.

You can use your Butler Credits to buy additional hours or pay directly to buy additional hours.

Coming soon! The more you spend, the more point you earn and the more discounts and perks you have access to. We have a “Live to Earn” Program coming soon, please stay tuned!

To spend Butler Credits, it is as simple is HK$1=1Butler Credit.  You can use the credits to pay for housekeeping hours, AC cleaning sessions, pest control sessions or wine and whiskey you purchase via Butler.

To buy Butler Credits (only eligible to Butler+ users), it is also as simple as HK$1=1 Butler Credit. BUT the more you buy in advance, the more discount you get!

Reach out to us to find out how much discount you get if you buy more Butler Credit in advance.

Butler Credits would be expired by year-end Dec 31.

We work directly with new building sales teams, project management teams and property management teams to bring the value of your building to its maximum potential.

Elevating residential experience and optimise day-to-day work for property managers. Ultimately, saving cost for a happier experience.

We have standard plans to start with but we understand each property partner has different assets that cater to different types of resident users, hence we can customise our plans and features to best fit your theme.

Drop us an email at [email protected].

We are happy to go over our tech product features with you.

Yes, our tech caters beyond Hong Kong, please speak to us.

We could help elevate guest experience by bringing the convenience for them.

You get to tap into over thousands+ of potential new clients. Also more targeted as we screen and share those that would be of value add to our users by district. Joining us means joining a community within close proximity, increasing the chance of doing more business near your shops!

We can bring exposure of your business to targeted clients more directly effectively.

You will need to sign an agreement with us and a vetted process would be required, please WhatsApp +852 98116662 to find out more!

We are happy for our users to find you directly but as incentive we would require a corporate rate or special rate for Butler clients, a rate that is normally lower than your public retail price.

All payments would be settled electronically on a monthly basis to be agreed. An invoice would be required and payments would be settled directly between Butler and you as a vendor.