Meet Butler. 

We welcome you to an errand free life.

We are Butler, the new norm for handling your chores.

We provide personalized services for busy individuals, a.k.a. you, with our experienced, attentive and responsible Butlers: home cleaning, groceries shopping, food preparation, dry cleaning and much more.

Butler is a smart and premium service that helps run your regular to-dos - so you can live your life hassle-free.

Come home happy.

Butler Cleaning

Your go-to housekeeping service, which provides you with the necessary cleaning, tidying, and organization of your home.

Butler Chef

Our premium and nutritious menu prepared at your home. Dishes are also verified by dieticians and approved by renowned chefs

Butler Groceries

Butler Laundry

Photo by deyangeorgiev/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by deyangeorgiev/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gerenme/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gerenme/iStock / Getty Images

“Grocery” service is a one-stop online delivery service that will ensure your supplies are always sufficient at home.

Whether it is your Armani leather jacket or your Uniqlo heat-tech - rest assured that our Butlers will provide the appropriate laundry treatment with care and expertise.

The service is unparalleled. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!”

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