24th May 2022
Butler’s How: 3 specials case sharing
24th May 2022

Butler’s How is a series of what troubles our clients have faced and requested from us in the past.

  1. Transition your office to work-from-home friendly

Because of COVID-19, working from home has become the new requirement for most people and honestly, was anyone prepared for this? Not really. While being at home all day can be frustrating enough, not having the right home office set up can make it even harder to be productive. To improve your surroundings, you could look into decorating your new workspace according to your liking, whether it is adding indoor plants or air humidifiers around you.

One important work from home element that you should look into is picking the right chair to work with to minimize the risk of back problems later in life. According to an article by Forbes, the best office chair of the year is the Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair. The chair is designed to ensure that you remain comfortable with the right support after long hours of sitting, which is perfect for when you’re working from home. While we understand that sitting can be tiring, another useful item that you can consider looking into is the Cubii Pro to get your legs moving while being seated.

With the help of Butler’s home concierge services, you can go through a consultation session with us and the team will help set up the perfect home environment that you wish to have to feel like you’re back in the office. You would be surprised to learn how many gadgets you could have in the workspace that can make you more efficient!

  1. Settling into Hong Kong

Relocating to a new country can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if there is a possibility that you know nothing about the new destination and have to go through language barriers. While securing a home is top priority, setting up bills and settling into your new home is next in line to handle after you land.

In late 2019, one of our clients who is a senior executive of a multinational bulge bracket bank, moved into his apartment and started using Butler. Having no experience living in Hong Kong and lack of time and knowledge to set up his home, Butler arranged everything for him. We helped him source furniture, arranged delivery logistics, sanitized items upon arrival, set up WiFi, suggested latest home gadgets, set up a TV box with UK channels requested, stocked his home with favorite wines, arranged a handyman to hang up his artwork and many more.

Up till today, he is still an active client and uses Butler to upkeep his home twice a week. Because Butler wants to make every part of your move smooth and easy, you will have a chance to explore with less worries right when you land.

  1. Arranging a surprise

Throwing a surprise party for a family member, friend or loved one is a great way to celebrate an anniversary, engagement or graduation. However, making sure nobody spoils the surprise and not getting caught is a whole other matter! Once the surprise party is successful, it will make that person feel extremely appreciated, and this is when special memories are made.

Similar to receiving a kid’s birthday request, we also receive requests from couples wanting to set up surprise romantic candlelight dinners, engagement parties or anniversaries along with friends and family.

Other surprises that we have arranged are family member graduation parties in the backyard, pet adoption parties and many more. Ensuring that all of the food and drink preparations have been made and decorations have been thoroughly fleshed out and purchased. No party is a party without food, drinks and decorations all arranged by professional specialists!

So, how is Butler different?

What Butler can offer and what our clients experience is exactly what makes us different. We do not focus only on one particular service request but we focus on many that are upon client’s requests. This is what makes us unique, which is the combination and continuity of how we take care of our client’s home. Stay tuned for more Butler’s How in the upcoming future. Now, it’s your turn to tell us about your requests.