23rd Oct 2022
23rd Oct 2022

Health & Safety Assurance at Butler

March 2022 – Policy Reminder with regards to COVID-19

As you know, the Government has recently implemented new COVID-19 measures and we are working hard to accommodate whilst still provide services on a business as usual basis.

With that said, this is a reminder to our clients and we thank you in advance for being flexible as we are doing everything we can to serve you during these unpredictable times.

Effective as of March 7th

Our concierge customer service team will now respond only during normal business working hours from Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm (urgent or exception cases would be assessed on a case by case basis). Please be rest assured that our customer service team will reply you first thing accordingly in the next business working hour if you send us a request beyond our business hours.Your WhatsApp concierge chat will undergo an upgrade as we are introducing an AI technology on top of our human concierge customer team. Hence your personal concierge will now be serviced by a combination of human and AI. Details of the changes will be shared in due course.

Service Policy Reminders

We reserve the right to cancel / change the sessions (subject to situation) in advance without refund if:

Any member of the household is tested COVID-19 positiveAny member of the household is undergoing mandatory COVID-19 testing and has yet to receive resultsAny member of the household shows symptoms of COVID-19Any members of the household was in contact with any potential COVID-19 subjectsYour specific building or block is required to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testingConfirmed COVID-19 cases in the same floor as your home

Our Cancellation Policy Remains Unchanged

Cancellation would only be “free” if the request is made 48 hours in advance from your booked session. It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the policy is also applicable if we, as the Company, cancels your session due to the COVID-19 reasons mentioned above.

Free” here means you will then be entitled to the number of butler hours you booked originally to be used another time.

Otherwise, if you cancel last minute within 48 hours, your butler hours will be charged regardless (i.e. 0% refund).

We hope you can understand, by booking a session and cancelling last minute, as a Company, we would a.) still need to pay housekeepers regardless and b.) lose the session to another paying client.

Pausing Recurring Home Services

You may also pause your recurring home services but for no more than 2 months. During this time, we will temporarily change your monthly plan back to Butler Club Member – $88/month. This is to cover any assistance from your dedicated home concierge team during the time you pause for any value added services.

For unused service hours from your previous monthly plan, we highly recommend you to pre-book them in advance first otherwise we will not be able to guarantee that the first month you return you will retain the same services schedule you had prior to pausing.

Health form

Please be sure to fill in the health form again should there be any changes.

Health Form

Please be assured that we have implemented a variety of policies and best practices as our team and our clients’ health and safety are our top priority


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