21st May 2022
Easy Tips To Organize Your Closet
21st May 2022


I’m running out of time. But I can’t find the right outfit in my closet!

Why does my closet look like a mess?

I don’t know how to keep order in my closet! Why do I always feel like I need new clothes or not having enough clothes when my closet is so full?

We hear you! Closet management is not an easy task, but trust us, an organized closet can do wonders for your well-being. Not only will you get dressed faster, become more efficient and have more time in the morning, but you’ll also feel more in control of your life seeing an organized and accessible collection of clothing each day. Here are some simple must-know tips for everyone!

 #1 Storage tips
While every closet is different, one universal rule is to organize clothing by category. Keep like items with like items. For example, store all your shirts in the same spot, hang your jackets alongside each other, and keep your workout shirts separate from your pyjamas. While this tip may seem obvious, grouping by categories does make it way easier to know exactly what you have, and how much.

Once you’ve got everything sorted into separate categories, organize them by color. This will make picking out an outfit so much easier, especially if you are a visual person. You can easily select your outfit based on your mood and preference on that day.

Another tip is to store everything you wear on a regular basis in the middle of your closet at eye level. Make it easier to find and grab in your early morning especially when you are in a rush. Again, of course this is entirely down to your personal preference.

 #2 Space tips
If you don’t have enough space to hang every single shirt you own, then stick with hanging the obvious stuff. That means delicate items like dresses, fancy items like suits, and sturdy, structured pieces like coats and jackets.

What about denim and sweaters? Save your hanging space by stacking bulky winter sweaters and denim jeans. These items make perfect stacks for your shelf space because they are sturdy and thick, meaning they won’t lose their shape when you stack them.

For your softer and thinner clothes, simply fold them in half and roll them into neat little tubes. Things like cotton shirts, leggings, and polyester shorts are perfect candidates for the roll and tuck technique.

#3 Mold prevention tips
It is common knowledge that Hong Kong can be very humid, and moisture can accumulate in closets, providing a breeding ground for mold growth. To prevent mold from growing in your closets, always make sure that clothes are completely dry before storing them in closets. Don’t pack clothes too tightly in your closets as well, so air is allowed to circulate between them to reduce moisture.

If you have a humidity problem in your home, use the air conditioning unit or a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. For a cost-effective option, you can also place desiccants in closets and storage boxes to control moisture.

Organizing a closet may seem intimidating at first, but you just have to follow the simple tips above, then you will notice the difference!