25th May 2022
How Butler can help save time
25th May 2022

Let me ask you. How long do household duties usually cost you?

A ton of time and stress. We hear you.

Time is extremely precious and it’s a commodity that no one can purchase more of. To create more time in your life and to maximize your efficiency, there are solutions out there that can help improve your life satisfaction and overall happiness. Research has shown that humans will be much happier and healthier if we ease up on the scrubbing, gardening, folding, cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping duties.

If you take some time to read a study from Princeton University based on Buying Time Promotes Happiness, you might be convinced to rethink how we, as humans, spend the minutes of our finite lives.

Pursue a lifestyle you want to have

Hong Kong is a very social and busy city where most people start work early and end late. Most of the time, you will see office lights with workers cranking away until 8pm or later. Hong Kong being a vibrant city, you will often see people in malls, restaurants, on the streets or in bars after work. For most Hong Kong people, after work is the only free time in the week to see friends, date, or to run errands.

After you return home after a long day at work and socializing, the moment you step foot into your door, you can already feel the increase in daunting household chores, bills, and errands. With the help of Butler’s services, you can have your plants watered, outfits cleaned, shoe shined, pets fed and much more.

So what does one have to do with more tasks and less time? Let me list out a few examples on how Butler services can buy you time.

You can come home to…

  1. A closet full of ironed and clean clothes hung on new hangers
  2. Your wine rack restocked
  3. New gadgets set up including an instructional video/manual on how to use it
  4. A nutritious MSG-free home cooked meal
  5. Toiletries cabinet stocked

While you have more time to…

  1. Pursue your extra-curricular and dreams
  2. Spend quality time with your family or pets
  3. Read a book with no distractions
  4. Host the best home parties for your friends and family
  5. Be motivated to attain a healthy lifestyle and to meditate

Should you feel guilty or lazy for outsourcing your household duties? Not in the slightest. Your home deserves much better and it deserves to be taken care of by professional specialists. Rediscovering the importance of your home, with Butler, you can enjoy customizing one-stop services based on what you need, whether it is coming home from work to a house with cooked food, clothes ironed or even your toilet paper folded with a triangle end. Because it is your home, it should not merely be a place to sleep but a place to spend your lifetime in. This is the true definition of a home sweet home. Let Butler help save you time.