22nd May 2022
Train Your Domestic Helper Effectively 
22nd May 2022

Domestic helpers are no doubt great people who assist in making our lives easier. They are important for getting our household tasks done when we are out for our own jobs. Moreover, skilful domestic helpers can improve our quality of life. Who doesn’t want to return to a well-managed home with no worries?

However, everyone has room for improvement, in other words, room for further enhancement in skills and knowledge. As an employer, you can also make a difference in the lives of these domestic helpers by helping them strengthen their skills. Domestic helper training can realize more of their potential in relation to work skills and job knowledge so they can complete home chores even more effectively and efficiently.

But the question is how.

A fair amount of training and management is required after hiring a domestic helper in Hong Kong. For example, you need to spend some time on training the new helper to use household tools and appliances and set expectations accordingly. Due to the cultural differences, you might also need to align their cooking styles with you and spend some time outlining the food interests of each of your family members.

Given that not everyone has the time and training skillset, Butler is launching a Domestic Helper Training Course (“DHT”). There are 6 lessons of focus in total and you can pick 5 lessons for your helper. Our skilled trainers will lend a helping hand in making your domestic helpers more efficient in their jobs, be it cleaning, household shopping, or even etiquette. While getting your domestic helpers enrolled in our training course, you get them prepared for a better job with higher skills.

Let’s have a look at the course content.

1. Laundry Management

This lesson focuses on the practical aspect of laundry, including stain removal, reading laundry symbols and ironing. After the training, your helpers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to do your laundry.

2. Closet Management

Organizing your closet is an art. Who doesn’t want a tidy closet? Most importantly, your clothes should be easily found and organized in a way that matches your lifestyle. Therefore, we will teach your domestic helpers the tidying tips and organizing skills. They will also learn how to manage your closet based on your preferences and needs. Getting dressed can be easier with an arranged closet!

3. Fridge and Pantry Management
A well-organized fridge and pantry management can reduce food wastage, shopping bills, and prevent food poisoning. We will teach your domestic helpers how to organize fridge and pantry based on the food and items categories. This will better utilize your space and make your home look tidier.

4. Table Setting and Seafood Dish Cooking
Table setting is a lifestyle, but it is usually overlooked in home dining. We understand proper table settings are important for establishing the tone at the dinners. Therefore, your helpers will learn how to set up a western style table setting properly from our training. We will also show them how to select seafood ingredients and prepare a seafood dish.

5. Dinner Cooking
Nutritious and delicious food holds great importance in you and your family’s health. Thus, it is again important to make sure your helpers know how to cook. Our trainers will purchase the ingredients (one vegetable and one meat) and prepare the two dishes together with your domestic helper (subject to time). This chapter provides an essential cooking guide on specific dishes for your helpers, so you don’t have to train them again on basic cooking skills.

You will see your domestic helper every day. So, a polite domestic helper with great manners will definitely brighten your days. We will guide your helpers on how to act with grace and take pride in the grooming and composure. This can make them feel more confident on the job. At the end of the day, happy employees mean happy employers!

Not only does this training program cover all the basics, it also saves you a lot of time spending on training and communicating with your domestic helpers. When you invest in enhancing their skills, eventually you are the one who sees the results – your helpers can realize more of their potential!