We take care of all your home needs


Why are we different?

Butler will take care of your home in a bespoke manner. This includes letter management, flower arrangement, home products recommendation, dinner party planning to unpacking and organisation.

On top of that, we can arrange trusted home helps such as electrician, plumber or a handyman, with your butler to oversee the process in ensuring quality result.

With Butler, we only allow the best care to your home. 

Your value from this

The convenience of Butler’s value add fits seamlessly with your Butler session. Whether you need help on a home party or to refresh flowers, your butler gets it done along on top of completing your home errands. Our butler reduces your hassle and our technology puts your home logistic plan right at your finger tip.

If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact us and we will tailor a plan just for your home.

(Complimentary access as part of the monthly subscription plan)


“I was genuinely surprised by the detailed care my butler has for my home, not only does she shines my shoe at request, but also brings fresh flower every week. ”

— Mr Brookfield, Partner at a Magic Circle Law Firm


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